10 Things to Note Before Renting a Photo Booth

1 – Get a Real Photo Booth

People need to keep in mind that some of the things people try to sell off as photo booth are actually not that. They are some kind of a kiosk style photo booths, and could be great for some things, but keep in mind that they are not real photo booths! Get the real thing.

2 – Keep an Eye on Quality
In order to organise a great photo booth event, you’ll need a good and fast printer, and great lighting. Make sure the pictures are great before you rent the booth, and that should tell you a lot about the quality of the photo booth. The quality of the photos are important as you want to show your friends and family the results of your London male waxing.Also, try to make sure that you have good attendants running the booth.

3 – The Price
Renting a booth can cost between 500 and 1,300 US Dollars, but don’t think that the cheaper is better. Like with everything else, you should focus more on the quality and the brand name, and the price should be secondary, although it shouldn’t be ignored.

4 – The Time
Keep in mind that your event is going to last between 3 to 5 hours, and you need a booth that can last that long. This is something you need to think of in advance, both for the machine’s sake, and for the company renting it, because you’ll need to tell them about how long you plan to use the booth.

5 – Look for Ones with Guest Books
Guest books are a great thing, and you should avoid the photo booths that don’t offer that feature says Curt @ Hire-Box. This means that the photo booth can create loving memories out of the pictures taken that will make everyone look kindly back to the event you’ve organised. Make sure the guest books are quality and well designed, check-out Hire; the better they are, the people are more likely to look at them in the future.

6 – Video Messages are a Must
if the photo booth has a video message option, than you’ve found a good one. Videos are even better than the photos, and can serve as a great way of offering your congratulations, best wishes, etc. A simple 30 second video can make a huge difference, and that is why a video message is a must!

7 – Look Into Logos and Branding
Some photo booths offer this, while others don’t. It is always great to offer the people a chance to get a photo with your party logo or brand on it; it will help them remember where the party was, who hosted it, and how good it was.

8 – After the Party
After the party ends, what’s going to happen to all the photos? Well, the best photo booths save them all  on a flash drive and allow you to keep all of them. Also, the good booths create guest books, and even better ones protect the galleries with passwords, so that no one else could access them.

9 – When to Book It?
Because the photo booth parties are so popular nowadays, you really ought to hire a photo booth at least 3-6 months in advance. This will allow you to get the photo booth, and the renting company to meet all of the demands.

10 – Do Some Research!
Do not just go for the cheapest photo booth out there! Do some research, and see which one suits you the best. Also, try to employ the tips you’ve seen here, and that should allow you to rent the best possible photo booth.